Us Someones want to be seen.

Like those security cameras us someone’s we want to sense as though we are being observed at all time. Not in that scary stalker creepy kind of way but a warming reassurance surveillance for our safety way.

It is no doubt therefore that the whole idea of this “HE” and the concept of “him” being so far up way too far from where you and I can see in the clouds (which are just a bunch of water particles casually hanging about) watching down on us at all times, is so admired, the idea so appealing.

 Knowing that someone sees us gives us the comfort of our existence. In life we someone’s want there to be approval that we are living and that we exist, not that we are some imaginary person whose presence is not present.

 We are surrounded by forgetful someone’s. I bet that as you are reading this there are more than 10 things you’ve forgotten that happened during the course of today. Someone’s forget other someone’s birthdays, events, favorite food, allergies and one of the worst ones probably is name. Its nice to have someone to fall back to someone who does know of your existence who will always be aware of your existence since he possibly created you and me. Yes I’m speaking of this “HE”. But let me try and puzzle this out why would I want my existence to be reassured by this “HE” because he claims to see me, when I myself cannot reassure his existence. Because I personally have never seen this “HE”. This can connect to those who feel abandon thus often turn to him, for guidance to recognize their existence. Therefore our purpose to life perhaps is not to worship him but merely believe his existence despite the lack of evidence of his being, simply so we someone’s can endure through this life without inviting that unwanted guest of feeling nonexistent.