Someones searching for sources

We need to get answers… but from where? To why there is a you and me. The importance of belief and weather this believing is a key to survival. But in what exactly do we believe.

The old philosophers tended to limit the knowledgeable doubt of the existence of tables, chairs, and the buildings that light up New York City at night. But this becomes difficult when the question is extended, questioning the existence of love. Of this “HE”.

Philosophers get carried away in doubting anything from the existence of the chairs we sit on to the color of the sky, during the time the sun arrives to when in departs for the moon to get its turn. Although doubting is easy. We all someone’s can do it. But doubt is only easy when it isn’t a matter of survival. We are only as skeptical as we can afford to be.

Hey someone’s do you think love is important to survive? Philosophers make lousy lovers, and the same applies to how lovers make lousy philosophers. The acts of loving don’t quite fit the philosophical deliberations and reflections. If this is the case, if they remain oblivious to the essence of love. Then as someone’s we cannot relay on him or her to tell us the importance of love in our survival. Although those someone’s who claim to be lovers do know; which many claim they cannon survive without it.

Can we not agree that religion is essentially about love to some extent? That these two topics are related. As a bunch of someone’s can we logically conclude that philosophers cannot give us answers then, dealing with the subject of religion and the role it plays to the importance of survival.

Perhaps the truth is that we someone’s are all spellbound to religion regardless what it is exactly and weather we may disagree on certain matters. We are lost in a cycle for now we are still searching where to turn, since the philosophers cannot give us answers. Shall we turn to science, like some of our fellow someone’s? But I propose we continue thriving for that one answer, to why there is a you and me. And all those other someone’s who might of possibly been created by this “HE”. Who is way up somewhere in the clouds playing hide and seek, way too far from where you and I can see.