Someone’s in young faith love.

Some someone’s can be likened to a teenager girl, when speaking of these false alarms. In comparison to the times where we get wound up in the   charms of priests and their convincing words. By the atmosphere which engulfs us in churches. By the verses written in the bible.    

 Your faith, discovering your religion. Those someone’s similar to teenage girls seeking for that one guy, despite the previous false alarms, persisting in her efforts to find her “Prince Charming”. Although “HE” hasn’t always been on their side, they still give HIM an additional chance. Then, at some point along the way when they finally start believing that yes, “HE” has finally escaped his hide and seek spot and that “HE” is now rightly on your side. That there really is someone way up there in the clouds( which are just a bunch of water particles) too far from where you and I can see. And yes there shall be periods where you’re in doubt, but regardless you somehow continue. Until something drastic happens and his existence seem unrealistic. Nonetheless this stage passes soon enough, once you become charmed once more by some ” perfect guy”… “HE” appears to exist again. The cycle is continues on end. We need to break this bad teenage habit. Stop getting charmed by his accent or captured by his gestures and focus on the truth. Are we living to worship this “HE”? So we someone’s can identify and be capable to prevent future broken hearts. 


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