Someones who seek love.

Every someone seeks for love. As much as we want to be all independent and shit. We need someone. We all tend to feel this empty feeling one time in our lives, when we don’t have that other someone who “completes us”. Perhaps there is more behind this feeling we all carry with us, the idea that we crave for love more than anything in the end of it all. That we search for that “prince charming” or “princess”.  The other half of us. Now you see this may be the key, our purpose to why we exist/live is to simply find our other plato4half, the one that was separated from us, because of Zeus. I know what you’re thinking; what the fuck? Now she has lost her plot. But hear me out, according to some Greek mythology humans had four legs, four arms and a head with two faces, Zeus feared their strength and split them up. Question is what sort of strength he was fearing exactly. I guess this could link to the expression you often hear two someone’s express when they have claimed to found the one “You and me baby against the world”.  We have heard it all too often. A couple of someone’s who together feel unstoppable. But once alone they feel lost &weak, engulfed by their surroundings. So is our purpose to search for our other half then? Isn’t it ironic then how some someone’s  look down on players, because according to this theory “players” are the  someone’s who are doing what they are meant to be doing, they are simply searching for the “one”  who will give them that feeling that they may “conquer” the world. Perhaps those who sacrifice their lives haven’t found the one and have given up, and don’t have the strength to continue. Those depressed someone’s, all they need is love. They are sad because they have failed to achieve the one thing they were sent out to do. Which is to find there other half. Which could just as well be me or you.  It’s ridiculous how we go through all this trouble, when all we are sent out to do is find that someone who makes us feel like someone. Or is it? Perhaps the reason to why we live the way we do, why there is such thing as school, job , all these trips school trips or things that take us around the world. Is that someone which could possibly be “HE’ is trying to guide us on our search. Making it somewhat easier on us to find this other half.  So the poor suffer because they don’t have a head start since they don’t have a big advantage. Whereas the rich, can travel around and find someone. Money is the head start one gets, a step ahead in achieving their purpose to existence. But doesn’t mean without it you won’t manage, it’ll simply be tougher to complete the required task. So we can’t therefor blame divorces or people cheating, because if it wasn’t there other half then it simply wasn’t, they just were fooled and got in a little deep, before they realized. Besides we are all on the same search, one journey. So we should postpone judgement, until we ourselves have found our other half. But how will we know we have succeeded. I guess we never will. We just need to take the risk. And if that someone that you picked, is actually your other half and you are there’s. Then you shall grow old together. Perhaps that’s why we respect couples who have been with each other because they have this indirect strength that we yearn for since they have found that someone who makes them feel like someone.


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