Confused Someone.

Maybe I’m just a typical teenager, who’s trying to find herself, a stage most teenagers come across. I mean aren’t we all just on a journey on finding ourselves? And then among-st these someone’s of teenagers I decided to start some blog, once again in attempt to find herself. Or perhaps I have a passion for writing, or it’s just a phase. As some someone’s would say “Only He Knows”. Part of finding myself includes understanding why I’m alive I guess, because I feel if I know why we exist, then I’ve honestly found myself… to an extent. Looking at why we are alive will broaden my way in Thimage1 (2)inking, by seeing in different perspectives. Instead of trying to be like other someone’s, which we usually find ourselves doing as teenagers.  And go start experimenting varied activities in attempt to find my comfort zone; Go try smoke, drink go partying lose my virginity. You know the “crazy” shit that they often tell you are not suitable for children “our age” and boy have things changed these days. Or maybe go ahead and do what most parents want their children to do and go hang with the serious kids and get good grades. But then again after altering from all these “groups”, what happens when I feel comfortable in all or none? You see sure I can smoke and go out partying, but then I also see the importance to an extent to why I should be serious in life and study and organize myself and get good grades. But I hate the idea of grades because like one once said it is not fair to test individuals by the same mean. But how else will we compare people and give jobs out, I mean we are all individual’s but we do share some things and among those someone’s who although are different all want to be the next Bill gates what will determine who that someone will be?. So you see, the system although has its bad sides does create some order. I’m someone who although in my art and daily life am rather messy, still see the importance of some quality organization. I know I’m confused, but I’m pretty sure there are other someone’s out there who’ve asked themselves the same question. Why was I brought into this world of chaotic order? In fact seeing we are all the same to some extent, I’m positive that everyone has asked themselves once in their lifetime, what the purpose of life is.  So here I am expressing my emotions to a bunch of random someone’s who I might not even get the chance to meet. Overwhelmed by the question to why we are alive and if it is really only to worship “HE” who appears to be playing hide and seek. For I cannot quite grasp why I would live to worship something created by someone’s who existed way before me. So I guess that leaves me confused. And maybe you are too, but don’t worry were not the only ones. There are a bunch of someone’s out there, just like me and you.


2 thoughts on “Confused Someone.

  1. so inspiring and honestly can relate to you. einstein once said “everybody is smart in their own way but if you make a fish climb a tree it will spend its entire life thinking it is stupid”. keep writing i am very inspired 🙂 x
    #no1 fan -sumeiya

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