Someones that are mutations

Maybe the someone’s who believe in “HE” are mutations. I know it sounds like a crazy theory, if you have ever watched “I origin” it will be more clear what I mean. You see in this movie there are these worms which only have two senses not including site. They are blind, but with a little mutation they may be able to see. As humans we know there is this whole world above them, where light exists. So what if these someone’s who believe in “HE” have another sense that we (the ones who are not mutated don’t), which is spiritual? Making them able to schurchee this whole world above us, somewhere way up there. Where if you are not someone who is mutated cannot simply see. With a little mutation someone’s who don’t believe in “HE” can believe, this may link to church and getting lessons on god and so on (this is the experimenting part). Not all will end up believing just like not all the worms will be able to see, but some might. And we see this all the time. People who didn’t believe, then eventually believe after getting a listening and someone convincingly enlightens them on the whole “HE” theory. But then again there are others who no matter how often you attempt to get them to see, to imagine this world above us. They simply won’t see. And maybe I’m that someone, a failed subject of an experiment and I’m still trying to grasp a hold of the whole story, get the image printed in my head. Sometimes I think I’m beginning to see, what these someone’s mean. And actually pray to “HE” whoever “HE” may be. But I’m still partially blind not able to capture the full image. Perhaps you could say I’m color blind still seeing it vaguely. Not quite exactly.  I don’t completely agree and I think there must be more to life than to worship “HE”. But what is it?  I guess you could say it’s silly, and that I shouldn’t believe in the bullshit I see in movies, but when looking for answers there is no clear way to go, no path from A to B. You simply search everywhere. And take account of every theory in hope that after all the theories and suggestions you’ll find the key. To why there is a you and me.


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