A bunch of someones.

“If life’s a joke then I don’t get it”, said by someone who told someone, who happened to write it in a book. And now it so happens that I’m a someone among the other someone’s who decided to buy that book. As I write this I’m someone who’s read something that someone once told someone else, who happened to write it in a book which I bought and read. And now you are someone else whose reading how someone said what I am telling you and how that someone they told happened to write a book, and now I’m sort of doing the same as that someone. Makes sense? I know there’s a lot of someones and no clear identification to who they are. I guess it’s because they don’t have an identity, despite not being nameless. But then again a name is just a label to label a bunch of someones. To differ all these someones. So they feel they have a purpose, because now they can say I’m someone and say the name they were labelled with, which ever that may be.

You see I wonder sometimes why we exist. Were we born just to die? Were we born to worship him? But why would I worship some god created by a bunch of someones before me. Who probably asked the same question where the answer led to why we live is simply to worship HE. They say this as they point in the sky the direction where he happens to be. He is someone who is somewhere above the clouds which are just a bunch of close water particles, casually hanging about. Surely if he was so magnifiiacant he would deserve much better. Don’t you agree? Or am I wrong and he’s somewhere way up there, way to far from where you and I can see? Then explain to me how we will reach this so called “Heaven” when we’ve done what he has asked. And why we can only complete this task when we are dead? Then maybe we should try to complete what he asks in the quickest time that can be, so that we may go on this miraculous journey. And finally see this “HE”.

Let’s say you’re someone who simply doesn’t agree with these other someones theory on “living to worship he”.  Then why exactly are you living? Well that’s easy I’ll give you the key. So that when you sit and wonder you’ll know why there is you and me and all these someones and why they all exist. Why we were brought on this so called planet, and the name “planet” was made by some generation who created the name before you and me. But that’s another discussion for another blog which you just might read. Where all these names exactly came from. Or did “HE” create the names such as; tree, planet, mouse and bee? Which means he was able to speak right, otherwise how would we know the pronunciations? And rather creative to come up with all those names. Way more creative then you and me. Indeed if he created this planet he must be extremely creative and illustrative and most defiantly OCD. Since he created a bunch of someones like you and me, and though we claim were different. Because you may like olives and I may like cheese. In the end you’re exactly like me. Lost. Trying to seize the answer. To why the hell is there you and me? Why are there a bunch of someones? Why the fuck are you reading a blog created by someone like me. Despite you not knowing me, but I doubt you don’t. Because if you look in the mirror or generally at yourself, you’ll see me. Maybe I won’t have the same eye color as you or be the same size as you. But we’ll always link by that connection that we are both lost. Yes you and me. And all those other someones out there where ever they may be. Which might possibly have been created by HE.

Am I going in a cycle of repeating someones and HEs, but that’s exactly what the key is to all these questions and their answers that may be asked by someone, like you and me. You’ll never find an answer cause once you think you have found the answer to life’s questions. Well there goes life being the little bitch it is changing the questions. And you’re left going round and round in a cycle confused. But I can’t leave you there, I know that wouldn’t be fair. Even though you’ve probably not always been fair to everyone or someone out there. Again told you, you’re just like me- unfair. So I won’t end it and I’ll try to get you answers. So I would advise you to read. Because if I’m going to be fair then you should too. Otherwise I have wasted time trying to get solutions for someone who won’t even read.


Hello someone’s 

~ All I know is that I know nothing~  said by Socrates a great philosopher, I  want to know more then that fact and know something that we all would like to know. So I’m just another someone trying to get answers and hopefully some solution in the end. Read my blog and you’ll engage in the process, to finding out who we are and why we exist ➰