Us Someones want to be seen.

Like those security cameras us someone’s we want to sense as though we are being observed at all time. Not in that scary stalker creepy kind of way but a warming reassurance surveillance for our safety way.

It is no doubt therefore that the whole idea of this “HE” and the concept of “him” being so far up way too far from where you and I can see in the clouds (which are just a bunch of water particles casually hanging about) watching down on us at all times, is so admired, the idea so appealing.

 Knowing that someone sees us gives us the comfort of our existence. In life we someone’s want there to be approval that we are living and that we exist, not that we are some imaginary person whose presence is not present.

 We are surrounded by forgetful someone’s. I bet that as you are reading this there are more than 10 things you’ve forgotten that happened during the course of today. Someone’s forget other someone’s birthdays, events, favorite food, allergies and one of the worst ones probably is name. Its nice to have someone to fall back to someone who does know of your existence who will always be aware of your existence since he possibly created you and me. Yes I’m speaking of this “HE”. But let me try and puzzle this out why would I want my existence to be reassured by this “HE” because he claims to see me, when I myself cannot reassure his existence. Because I personally have never seen this “HE”. This can connect to those who feel abandon thus often turn to him, for guidance to recognize their existence. Therefore our purpose to life perhaps is not to worship him but merely believe his existence despite the lack of evidence of his being, simply so we someone’s can endure through this life without inviting that unwanted guest of feeling nonexistent.



Someones searching for sources

We need to get answers… but from where? To why there is a you and me. The importance of belief and weather this believing is a key to survival. But in what exactly do we believe.

The old philosophers tended to limit the knowledgeable doubt of the existence of tables, chairs, and the buildings that light up New York City at night. But this becomes difficult when the question is extended, questioning the existence of love. Of this “HE”.

Philosophers get carried away in doubting anything from the existence of the chairs we sit on to the color of the sky, during the time the sun arrives to when in departs for the moon to get its turn. Although doubting is easy. We all someone’s can do it. But doubt is only easy when it isn’t a matter of survival. We are only as skeptical as we can afford to be.

Hey someone’s do you think love is important to survive? Philosophers make lousy lovers, and the same applies to how lovers make lousy philosophers. The acts of loving don’t quite fit the philosophical deliberations and reflections. If this is the case, if they remain oblivious to the essence of love. Then as someone’s we cannot relay on him or her to tell us the importance of love in our survival. Although those someone’s who claim to be lovers do know; which many claim they cannon survive without it.

Can we not agree that religion is essentially about love to some extent? That these two topics are related. As a bunch of someone’s can we logically conclude that philosophers cannot give us answers then, dealing with the subject of religion and the role it plays to the importance of survival.

Perhaps the truth is that we someone’s are all spellbound to religion regardless what it is exactly and weather we may disagree on certain matters. We are lost in a cycle for now we are still searching where to turn, since the philosophers cannot give us answers. Shall we turn to science, like some of our fellow someone’s? But I propose we continue thriving for that one answer, to why there is a you and me. And all those other someone’s who might of possibly been created by this “HE”. Who is way up somewhere in the clouds playing hide and seek, way too far from where you and I can see.

Someone’s in young faith love.

Some someone’s can be likened to a teenager girl, when speaking of these false alarms. In comparison to the times where we get wound up in the   charms of priests and their convincing words. By the atmosphere which engulfs us in churches. By the verses written in the bible.    

 Your faith, discovering your religion. Those someone’s similar to teenage girls seeking for that one guy, despite the previous false alarms, persisting in her efforts to find her “Prince Charming”. Although “HE” hasn’t always been on their side, they still give HIM an additional chance. Then, at some point along the way when they finally start believing that yes, “HE” has finally escaped his hide and seek spot and that “HE” is now rightly on your side. That there really is someone way up there in the clouds( which are just a bunch of water particles) too far from where you and I can see. And yes there shall be periods where you’re in doubt, but regardless you somehow continue. Until something drastic happens and his existence seem unrealistic. Nonetheless this stage passes soon enough, once you become charmed once more by some ” perfect guy”… “HE” appears to exist again. The cycle is continues on end. We need to break this bad teenage habit. Stop getting charmed by his accent or captured by his gestures and focus on the truth. Are we living to worship this “HE”? So we someone’s can identify and be capable to prevent future broken hearts. 

Deluded someones.

There’s this case in medical history of a particular man living under the peculiar delusion that he was a fried egg. How the idea got into his head, no other someone quite understood. He wouldn’t sit anywhere because he was scared he might “break himself” and “spill the yolk”. Doctors tried various methods to soothe his fears, but failed. Finally one made the attempt to enter the mind of this deluded patient and suggest he should carry a piece of toast as he goes, where he could place it where he wanted to sit – thereby he can prevent himself from breaking the “yolk”. From then on the man was always seen with a piece of toast and was able to live a more or less normal existence. People who have a faith, believe in god, and are somewhat like a deluded patient heaven and hell sign picsoaked into this whole idea. This idea that there may be a world above us, where everything is good and well, everyone is always cheerful. Or that someone by the name of Satan stays below us and if one gets sent down there after not living their life accordingly, burns to death and all is wicked.

Whether there is this someone way up there in the clouds far from where you and I can see, or if it is all unreal. I guess its ones aim to successfully figure out, not just what to believe in but also how to share it with someone. Because if we have at least one other someone who believed what we believe then what does it honestly matter what the truth really is?

This can explain the urgency of someone’s such as priests wanting to get more other someone’s to believe in their particular faith, since this creates some type of joint impenetrable wall, where the reality outside the wall no longer matters and can be comfortably ignored. Then, for them, science becomes nothing more than a foolish man speaking in another dialect

Someones who seek love.

Every someone seeks for love. As much as we want to be all independent and shit. We need someone. We all tend to feel this empty feeling one time in our lives, when we don’t have that other someone who “completes us”. Perhaps there is more behind this feeling we all carry with us, the idea that we crave for love more than anything in the end of it all. That we search for that “prince charming” or “princess”.  The other half of us. Now you see this may be the key, our purpose to why we exist/live is to simply find our other plato4half, the one that was separated from us, because of Zeus. I know what you’re thinking; what the fuck? Now she has lost her plot. But hear me out, according to some Greek mythology humans had four legs, four arms and a head with two faces, Zeus feared their strength and split them up. Question is what sort of strength he was fearing exactly. I guess this could link to the expression you often hear two someone’s express when they have claimed to found the one “You and me baby against the world”.  We have heard it all too often. A couple of someone’s who together feel unstoppable. But once alone they feel lost &weak, engulfed by their surroundings. So is our purpose to search for our other half then? Isn’t it ironic then how some someone’s  look down on players, because according to this theory “players” are the  someone’s who are doing what they are meant to be doing, they are simply searching for the “one”  who will give them that feeling that they may “conquer” the world. Perhaps those who sacrifice their lives haven’t found the one and have given up, and don’t have the strength to continue. Those depressed someone’s, all they need is love. They are sad because they have failed to achieve the one thing they were sent out to do. Which is to find there other half. Which could just as well be me or you.  It’s ridiculous how we go through all this trouble, when all we are sent out to do is find that someone who makes us feel like someone. Or is it? Perhaps the reason to why we live the way we do, why there is such thing as school, job , all these trips school trips or things that take us around the world. Is that someone which could possibly be “HE’ is trying to guide us on our search. Making it somewhat easier on us to find this other half.  So the poor suffer because they don’t have a head start since they don’t have a big advantage. Whereas the rich, can travel around and find someone. Money is the head start one gets, a step ahead in achieving their purpose to existence. But doesn’t mean without it you won’t manage, it’ll simply be tougher to complete the required task. So we can’t therefor blame divorces or people cheating, because if it wasn’t there other half then it simply wasn’t, they just were fooled and got in a little deep, before they realized. Besides we are all on the same search, one journey. So we should postpone judgement, until we ourselves have found our other half. But how will we know we have succeeded. I guess we never will. We just need to take the risk. And if that someone that you picked, is actually your other half and you are there’s. Then you shall grow old together. Perhaps that’s why we respect couples who have been with each other because they have this indirect strength that we yearn for since they have found that someone who makes them feel like someone.

Confused Someone.

Maybe I’m just a typical teenager, who’s trying to find herself, a stage most teenagers come across. I mean aren’t we all just on a journey on finding ourselves? And then among-st these someone’s of teenagers I decided to start some blog, once again in attempt to find herself. Or perhaps I have a passion for writing, or it’s just a phase. As some someone’s would say “Only He Knows”. Part of finding myself includes understanding why I’m alive I guess, because I feel if I know why we exist, then I’ve honestly found myself… to an extent. Looking at why we are alive will broaden my way in Thimage1 (2)inking, by seeing in different perspectives. Instead of trying to be like other someone’s, which we usually find ourselves doing as teenagers.  And go start experimenting varied activities in attempt to find my comfort zone; Go try smoke, drink go partying lose my virginity. You know the “crazy” shit that they often tell you are not suitable for children “our age” and boy have things changed these days. Or maybe go ahead and do what most parents want their children to do and go hang with the serious kids and get good grades. But then again after altering from all these “groups”, what happens when I feel comfortable in all or none? You see sure I can smoke and go out partying, but then I also see the importance to an extent to why I should be serious in life and study and organize myself and get good grades. But I hate the idea of grades because like one once said it is not fair to test individuals by the same mean. But how else will we compare people and give jobs out, I mean we are all individual’s but we do share some things and among those someone’s who although are different all want to be the next Bill gates what will determine who that someone will be?. So you see, the system although has its bad sides does create some order. I’m someone who although in my art and daily life am rather messy, still see the importance of some quality organization. I know I’m confused, but I’m pretty sure there are other someone’s out there who’ve asked themselves the same question. Why was I brought into this world of chaotic order? In fact seeing we are all the same to some extent, I’m positive that everyone has asked themselves once in their lifetime, what the purpose of life is.  So here I am expressing my emotions to a bunch of random someone’s who I might not even get the chance to meet. Overwhelmed by the question to why we are alive and if it is really only to worship “HE” who appears to be playing hide and seek. For I cannot quite grasp why I would live to worship something created by someone’s who existed way before me. So I guess that leaves me confused. And maybe you are too, but don’t worry were not the only ones. There are a bunch of someone’s out there, just like me and you.

Someones that are mutations

Maybe the someone’s who believe in “HE” are mutations. I know it sounds like a crazy theory, if you have ever watched “I origin” it will be more clear what I mean. You see in this movie there are these worms which only have two senses not including site. They are blind, but with a little mutation they may be able to see. As humans we know there is this whole world above them, where light exists. So what if these someone’s who believe in “HE” have another sense that we (the ones who are not mutated don’t), which is spiritual? Making them able to schurchee this whole world above us, somewhere way up there. Where if you are not someone who is mutated cannot simply see. With a little mutation someone’s who don’t believe in “HE” can believe, this may link to church and getting lessons on god and so on (this is the experimenting part). Not all will end up believing just like not all the worms will be able to see, but some might. And we see this all the time. People who didn’t believe, then eventually believe after getting a listening and someone convincingly enlightens them on the whole “HE” theory. But then again there are others who no matter how often you attempt to get them to see, to imagine this world above us. They simply won’t see. And maybe I’m that someone, a failed subject of an experiment and I’m still trying to grasp a hold of the whole story, get the image printed in my head. Sometimes I think I’m beginning to see, what these someone’s mean. And actually pray to “HE” whoever “HE” may be. But I’m still partially blind not able to capture the full image. Perhaps you could say I’m color blind still seeing it vaguely. Not quite exactly.  I don’t completely agree and I think there must be more to life than to worship “HE”. But what is it?  I guess you could say it’s silly, and that I shouldn’t believe in the bullshit I see in movies, but when looking for answers there is no clear way to go, no path from A to B. You simply search everywhere. And take account of every theory in hope that after all the theories and suggestions you’ll find the key. To why there is a you and me.